This shorter one-day ‘Red Tour’ will take you to historical sights found in the central and northern region of Cappadocia, including Göreme Open Museum, Çavuşin, Pasabağ, Devrent Valley, Uçhisar and more!


    • Pickup from your hotel around 09.30am.
    • The first stop is at Uçhisar Castle, the highest rock formation in the region.  The guide will explain just how this amazing landscape came into existence.
    • At Göreme Open Air museum the guide will explain the importance of Christianity and monastic life in Cappadocia before leaving you free to explore the 10th and 11th century cave churches and monasteries with beautifully painted frescoes depicting famous biblical scenes
    • See the old Greek houses in Çavuşin village, abandoned during the Greek/Turkish population exchange in 1924.
    • Enjoy a buffet-style lunch in Avanos, offering a wide range of Turkish food including mezes, salads, meat and vegetarian dishes and desserts.
    • Still in Avanos, visit an authentic family-run pottery workshop located in an underground cave.  Clay from the Kızılırmak (Red) River was first used in pottery production by the Hitites prior to 1700BC and continues as an art form today.  Watch a master demonstrate how to make a pot, and watch the the painters and glazers apply their delicate patterns.  Have a go at the potter’s wheel yourself and make your own unique pot if you wish.
    • In Paşabağı (also known as Monks Valley because of the Chapel of Saint Simeon found there) wander through the unusual clusters of multi-headed mushroom-shaped “fairy chimneys” (rock formations).
    • Devrent Valley (“Imagination Valley”) – a stunning valley where you can spot natural rock formations in many recognisable shapes, including the famous camel-shaped rock.   Use your imagination and see what other shapes you can find.
    • Return to your hotel approx 16.00pm.

    All tours are limited to a maximum of 18 persons.